Fun interactive nature-themed education sessions delivered at your centre

  • Cost - $5 per child - minimum booking of $100
  • Suitable for ages 3+ tailored to your needs
  • An hour long session is suitable for 20-30 children
  • Activity stations for small groups to maximise engagement
  • Includes teacher resource pack

Wonderful Worms

Meet nature's wriggliest recyclers! After a short introduction using large colour photographs, we'll split into smaller groups to move between activities which include: Playing a game of 'Yuk or Yum' with Herman the Worm, helping to set up a mini worm farm and holding real tiger worms. We'll end the session by singing a worm song and each child will be able to take home their own mini model worm. 

Includes a free teacher resource pack, worm food poster and worm farm check.

Marvellous Minibeasts

Feelers out...what's about?! During a short introduction, children will get the chance to take a close look at some preserved invertebrate specimens and macro photography. Then we'll head outside on a minibeast safari to discover whats hiding in your own backyard and build some minibeast mansions. We'll end the session by sharing our safari experiences and singing an action song. 

Includes a free teacher resource pack, flashcards/matching game, and guides to encourage wildlife to visit your garden.

Digging up Dinosaurs

Journey back to the Jurassic period to discover which dinosaurs once roamed Zealandia! Children will meet some friendly dinosaur puppets and decide what type of food they would have eaten. They'll get the chance to measure themselves up against Tilly the baby T-Rex skeleton and hold some life-like dinosaur poop and eggs. Everyone will get the chance to make their own fossil to take home.

Includes a free resource pack, dinosaur poster, fact sheets and dinosaur book.

Would you like a session created for a topic?

I have a range of resources and activities 

that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Programmes in development include 

Backgarden Birds, Super Seeds and Pollination Power.

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