I believe that...

 Every child should be encouraged to catch grasshoppers and tadpoles, hold butterflies and snails, dig up worms, watch bees, make mud pies, climb trees, 

splash in puddles, explore rock pools, eat strawberries, pick beans, 

crack conkers, collect pine cones, build huts and plant seeds.

Nurturing a sense of wonder is an essential foundation 

upon which we can build our children's future education​.

Sarah Robinson

Creating Little Ferns has been the result of an accumulation of the skills and experiences I've gained as wildlife researcher, teacher, environmental educator and mother. I hope I can help others who are interested in environmental sustainability to inspire their children to connect with and love nature. 

Part-time Working Mum

My parenting journey has taken me back to memories of my own childhood when I found wonder and excitement in the simplest (and sometimes smelliest) of things - I once stored a squirrel's tail in my school locker for nearly a month! I still enjoy collecting shells, dead bugs, leaves, pine cones and feathers whilst out exploring Auckland's beautiful beaches and reserves with my family.

Environmental Education Advisor to Auckland Botanic Gardens

I often collaborate with the Education and Partnerships team to create fun, interactive school holiday programmes and activities for children. 

I deliver the monthly Little Sprouts story, craft and songs session for under 5's and have designed a set of resources for early childhood groups to use.

Environmental Educator for Auckland Regional Parks
I've taught and contributed to the development of a range of hands-on programmes for children including: Amazing Adaptations, Create Your Own Garden, Fantastic Forests, Flower Power, Investigating Invertebrates and Seaside Sensational Senses. 

Environmental Education Officer for Rodney District Council
I spent 3 years working with ECE centres and schools helping them achieve their environmental goals e.g. setting up edible gardens and worm farms and monitoring the wildlife in local streams. 

Secondary Science/Biology Teacher, Post Grad Certificate in Education
Having taught in the UK and NZ, I am able to provide support and advice for those teaching Biology to Year 7-13 students. All my programmes could be adapted for older children.

BSc(Hons) Biology, MSc Veterinary Mammalogy, Certificate in Organic Horticulture

My studies have taken me to some interesting parts of the world, but one of places I enjoy visiting the most is my garden - there are always lots of discoveries to be made on your doorstep!